Thursday, November 18, 2010

Be Our Guest!

As promised, here are some photos of our home here in Jerusalem. In the prior post, I explained how we are living in a 3-bedroom dorm (more like an apartment) at Hebrew University's new dorms for married couples and families. They are quite nice for student standards, however, it will take some more sprucing up in order to achieve that homey feel and to compensate for the just-average furniture. It's a home, however, so I cannot complain. Additionally, we have great security (we are in Israel, after all) that even makes some trouble for me at times in my comings and goings. I get barked at in Hebrew by unfamiliar security guards, to whom I stand like a deer in headlights in my lost in translation moments. Soon enough, they realize I don't speak the language. Alas, in a moment's time, I have learned that anyone and everyone will then speak English to me (not in a rude way like I have experienced in Spain and/or France but in a welcoming, how are you doing and how can we help you sort of way). Also, our neighbors are our age and up, since the area caters to couples and families. Additionally, we have hot water, so I am a happy girl. Just have to remember to turn the switch on for a few minutes in order to get it! Oh the novelties of being in Israel. Take a sneak peek at our place (hopefully one day I will be posting updated pictures after improvements have been made):

Our living room facing the balcony and park
From the kitchen looking toward the balcony

The park outside our house (from balcony) 

From the balcony looking inward

Guest Room
2nd bedroom and our soon-to-be bedroom

Our Office
Thanks for checking out our place! As you saw, there is an extra bedroom here for visitors, so hint, hint to all of you who have never been to Israel. We have yet to order cable (and I should really study some Hebrew before we go through with that) and we still need to decorate the second room, but for now, it is a good enough space. The outside park is filled with sunbathers and book readers midday everyday and the balcony has become a home to a friendly cat who greets us in the morning through the glass. The office is where we spend most of our down time and if you call me on skype, that is the place I will talk to you from! My spot is the one directly facing the window. I hope you enjoyed the tour! Come visit us! 


  1. Can't wait to come visit and actually see your cute place!

  2. Awwwww thanks Alex!!! I miss you and can't wait for that either!

  3. Love the place Rayzee! I second Alex about the visit!


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