Thursday, November 18, 2010

Room with a View

Well, it was about 4:00 in the morning when I awoke from bed, fully alert. So, I headed into our office, and have been trying to type silently so not to wake Rafi up, who has a full day ahead of him. I thought I had mastered this whole jetlag thing, but I guess it's gotten a hold of me. We woke up around 6 a.m. yesterday for a full day of classes and I successfully stayed awake all day, but around 9:00 p.m. (which is pretty good if I might say so myself) I gave in to sleep. Seven hours later here I am. I thought everyone out there might be curious to see our living quarters, so for now please take a look at the outdoor shot that I took of Rafi the other day. Indoor shots to come later throughout the day.

Rafi has been living in the dorms at Hebrew University for the last few years. That tiny person in the picture is him (he was not too happy about me taking his photo - I think he had enough for one day) and our place is in the building on the left forefront of the photo. Although he attends Hadassah College of Technology, his school has a partnership with Hebrew University that allows him to live in the dorms that the large university provides. The dorms are filled with American students for the most part, but there is also a large foreign and Israeli population throughout the buildings. The dorms are located in the French Hill area of Jerusalem, an area with rolling green hills, dotted with Jerusalem stone. 

This year, thanks to being married, Rafi was upgraded to the married couples dorms. He really lucked out when he arrived because rather than get the 2-room apartment that is typically given to married couples, he was given a 3-room apartment on accident. The apartment is equipped with a kitchen, a small living room, a balcony facing a small park, one bathroom and three bedrooms. We have turned one of the bedrooms into a nice office by combining the desks and chairs from all three bedrooms into one central room. Then, one of the other bedrooms is ours, and the third bedroom is ready for guests! We are currently staying in our guest room since we are eagerly waiting a new mattress as one of our wedding gifts. So, decorating has been put on hold for the moment; although, I don't want to invest too much in decor since this is only a temporary home for this year. 

Check back in later for more pictures of our new home! It's almost time for the alarm to go off, so I am going to go sneak back into bed. We'll see if I can fool Rafi into believing I slept through the night!

View of Judean Hills from Hebrew University

View of Old City from another side of Hebrew University

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