Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GROOPBUY: My New Favorite Website

Before leaving for Israel a few months ago, I became obsessed with the current rage in the U.S. which was the new concept of daily deals, discounts and coupons offered by websites such as The Daily Save, Living Social and Groupon, just to name a few. I found myself eagerly checking my inbox every morning to see what possibilities awaited me that day. Because, as you know, everything is 'oh so much more' valuable when you get a good deal on it. Thus, every day of the week, you can go to any one of these sites to check out the deal of the day. If enough people buy the deal, the deal "tips" and everyone wins. If not enough people buy it, the deal is shot, though I've never seen that happen. It seems that you can get people to buy anything. Here's a look at the sites mentioned previously:

The Daily Save
Living Social
I couldn't get enough and I wasn't the only one. Everything from fine dining to theater tickets to salons and spas and even contracting services such as carpet replacement and window washing were on sale on these websites for upwards of 50% everyday. I found myself waiting to find a good deal and to try out new services and new places rather than stick with the familiar. The deals were, and are, too good to be true and worth every penny! I had become so hooked on these websites that I was a little subdued about my move to Israel, knowing that I would be giving up these conveniences and stellar deals. I searched online on my favorite daily deal websites to see if there was a Jerusalem branch or Israel branch, but my search was in vain. I could not find any at the time. I said goodbye to my daily deals for the moment, which made my wallet very satisfied.
However, just yesterday, my search finally come to an end. I had just about given up when my friend Jessica from my Hebrew classes emailed me a current deal she found for manicures and pedicures  from a website called GroopBuy (we had just been discussing our plan to find a nail place earlier that day). Much to my surprise, there was indeed a daily deal website that already existed here! Somehow, the website had fallen under the radar and I was not yet aware of it. Wait no longer, because it looks like Israel has jumped on the daily deal bandwagon and I can now be sure to snatch up the best deals in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv from this point forward. The best part is that not only is it in English (so that I can read and buy the deals offered), but also it clues you in to restaurants, salons, shops and activities that you may have not otherwise known about or been able to afford. I am looking forward to checking out deals such as the following which were offered over the last few weeks:

I already see a few that caught my eye, and though the above deals have already passed, I know that even better deals are on their way. I am starting to feel that all too familiar feeling already of eagerly awaiting the next day's email update from my new favorite daily deal website. Thanks Jessica for introducing me to GroopBuy! As I mentioned in previous posts, Jerusalem seems to be slowly moving forward in terms of its modernity and this website is just one good example of how I see it unfolding.


  1. I subscribe to all of these but for some reason can nevery commit to buy one. I just bought my first one an organic mani/pedi in Plano for half price. It's definitely a great way to experience things in a new city so I will probably be buying more, that is awesome they have one in Israel so you can explore!

  2. Commit! Commit! Commit! I will never pay full price again for quality mani/pedis and hair cut and highlight, etc. I bet all those websites have great offers in Dallas. Have you found any more back home other than the ones I mentioned?

  3. I get so many sale website deals per day it is hard to keep up: along these lines there is also Swirl by Daily Candy & Urban Dealight!


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