Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Minute Travel from Israel

Before coming to Israel, I had always heard about the great last minute travel deals. In fact, part of what enticed me to move to Israel in the first place (besides being there for my husband of course) was its close proximity to the European continent paired with the notion of being able to actually jump on a plane and go there for the weekend. After all, anyone who knows me well knows how much I love to: a) travel, and b) travel within Europe specifically. A couple years back there some of you might remember that I actually almost moved to Barcelona, but chickened out and chose graduate school instead (the safe track). So, ever since I arrived in Israel, I have been checking out the internet and the newspaper on an almost daily basis to see what sorts of deals were available for last minute travel. I have an itching travel bug that needs to be satisfied. Usually, I torture myself by finding something great, knowing full well that I won't be able to go because of the juggling between Rafi's school and work and my Hebrew lessons and job. However, every once in awhile, a space opens up in our schedules and I pray that a good deal will find its way to us. Fortunately, such a space opened up in our lives just a few days ago, so I quickly put Rafi to work to peruse the following websites:

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el al spontany

Most of these sites are courtesy of a knowledgeable blogger in Israel who already kindly paved the road for us ahead of time by centralizing all of the last minute package sites: The Big Felafel. There were a lot of sites to check and not much time to do it inbetween classes and work. The first great deal that Rafi found was to Barcelona for just $199 on the website Daka90 and I immediately began daydreaming of paella, Parc Guell and Spanish music. However, with only minutes to make a decision, I was in the middle of my Hebrew class and too overwhelmed to think rationally. As you might suspect, the clock was ticking and the deal quickly sold out. The price soon went up and up until it was well over $350, and thus, no longer a deal. Have no fear, though, because we did not let this stop us from finding another great airfare. We were determined to take a getaway and prayed that something was still available. So, late last night, when Rafi was itching to go to bed, I stayed up perusing many of the websites over again and found a good airfare deal to Rome on the YPayMore website. It was Rafi's job to call first thing in the morning to see if the package was sold out while I went to class. Lucky for us, I got a phone call from him during the first hour of class with the good news that I was hoping for! So, tomorrow on New Year's Eve, we are jumping on a place and heading to ROME!!!! Rafi has never been so we are really in for a treat. And thanks to my amazing parents, who are always so generous with their hotel points, we will be staying in the lap of luxury! Now, fingers crossed for good weather. Gnocchi, pizza, and Trevi fountain, here we come. See you in 2011!


  1. What I love about you Erin, that you always always make lemonade and make me jealous! Have so much fun!

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