Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tel Aviv Beach Scene

Tel Aviv, the "New York City" of Israel, is a booming, modern metropolis home to over 3,000,000 people (and growing) and boasting one of the most beautiful oceanfront coastlines in the world. The famed beaches of Tel Aviv are situated along a truly "see and be seen" stretch of land adjacent to the warm Mediterranea Sea. Since Tel Aviv enjoys warm temperatures year round, its beaches can be visited throughout the year. Here is an eagle eye's view of Tel Aviv's beaches and the famous Tayelet promenade, one of my favorite places in Israel:

Here is a close view of the Tayelet, the famous beachside promenade in Tel Aviv with its characteristic swirling patterns. Here you will find ice cream stands, musicians, beachside cafes, beach bars with chairs in the sand, rollerbladers, raquetball enthusiasts, and outdoor dance or yoga classes:

The beach itself is dotted with colorful chairs and umbrellas which you can rent for the day for just a small fee. The lounge chairs seem to be literally begging you to take your shoes off, park your bottom down and then fall asleep on the beach, shooing your worries away and letting the sun soak into your body (with a little sunscreen, of course):

In the middle of summer, when temperatures are soaring into the high 90s and low 100s, you can be sure to find the beaches absolutely jampacked each and every day. Good luck finding an open seat! My advice: bring your own beach equipment.

As you can see, the beaches in Israel are just like the beaches anywhere else in the world. Some people have the misconception that anywhere you go in Israel, you must be shrouded and covered. This is simply not so. On the beaches you will find both women in thongs and men in speedos. For the uber religious, they have their own separate beaches, so do not worry about what you wear to the beaches of Tel Aviv. Though the winter brings some colder days (and by colder, I mean in the 60s-70s), the beach is still pleasant for sitting and enjoying the seaside. Here are some pictures from a winter visit to the beaches in Tel Aviv a few years back, right around sunset:

One thing to be cautious of at Tel Aviv's beaches are the jellyfish that populate the water during the warm summer months. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle in the water in order to avoid being stung! Unfortunately, every beach has its vice, and this is Tel Aviv's misfortune. I am looking forwad though to my next visit to the Tayelet, when I can lounge all day in the sun, reading my current book, listening to pedestrian music, taking chocolate ice cream breaks and waiting around for the sunset, after which time I can stay right where I am in my chair as the sandy beachfront turns into a crowded outdoor beach bar just as the sweltering day turns into a warm pleasant night.


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