Saturday, January 29, 2011

Deal On: Best Kosher Deals in Town

Word on the street is that another new website is on its way shortly that will be working hard to bring us the best deals in town. I'm talking 50%, 60% and upwards from there! If you're here in Israel and you've liked what you've seen before on GroopBuy since its November 2010 launch date (see my previous post), then you will likely also appreciate the great deals that Deal On is claiming to bring to users in the Israeli marketplace. Not only will you discover great finds on restaurants, spas and salons, but ALSO, Deal On is reportedly going to be advertising awesome deals on hotels, resorts, shows and places of entertainment. The countdown is on, so be sure to visit the website and sign up for tempting daily deals to be sent to your inbox beginning in the Hebrew month of Adar (February 2011).  Currently, it looks like there are four zones within Israel to sign up with: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa/northern Israel and Beer Sheva/southern Israel. Just a few short weeks away! I know I will be keeping me eyes peeled for whatever is in store.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the way these sites work, the concept is easy as 1-2-3! A daily deal will be offered (i.e. let's say a bagel shop offers a coupon for 60 shekels worth of bagels for the price of just 15 shekels). If you like what you see, you put your credit card information in, authorizing the 15 shekels to be charged - but the charge only goes through, and the deal only goes through, if a minimum number of people sign up for the deal. Otherwise, the deal is off and your card is not charged. Sometimes, there is also a maximum number of people who can buy the deal, so get in on it early! Lastly, once the deal goes through, the voucher is yours to keep and to spend! The fun starts all over again the next day. Sound good? I certainly think so. If nothing else, you will be introduced to new places to check out around town that maybe you've never tested out before. Enjoy! And sign up! 

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