Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Michal Negrin: An Israeli Staple

It's hard to go anywhere in Israel without passing by a Michal Negrin shop. Just walking by the colorful and sparkling store windows leave you in a changed mood, taking you away into a fantasy land somewhere between a Midsummer's Night Dream and Victorian Romanticism. 

Her products range from fashion to home goods to belts and brooches; however, her real specialty runs the entire gamut of jewelry, no piece of which can be found without the characteristic colors and crystals that splash themselves onto every Michal Negrin product. Here's a look at some of the items you might find yourself drawn to inside the store. Be cautious, no items come for a small fee!


 Miscellaneous, etc.




Hair Decor


Jewelry Galore



Michal Negrin's staple look has been embraced by celebrities and fashion icons worldwide, as you will see by simply typing in the store name into an internet search engine. As a result, stores have begun to pop up throughout the world, including shops in Australia, United States, Japan, Croatia, Spain and South Africa, just to name a few.


Though the Michal Negrin brand may not be for you, her stores are still something to check out and experience. Here's a look at the artist herself (to the right) who has starting a following worldwide. I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of these characteristically Israeli images and that it put a smile on your face, taking you away into a world of roses, romance, flowers and bedazzled wonder. If so, Michal's mission was successfully accomplished! Be sure to stop in one of their stores on your next trip to Israel. Or, if you're lucky, you can find one close to home, wherever that might be!

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