Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow in Israel?

Yes! It does snow in Israel! While a heavy snowfall may only occasionally grace Jerusalem (as in once every 7 years), it snows every year in Israel's Golan Heights, specifically at Mt. Hermon (pictured left), Israel's northernmost point and its one and only ski resort. Surprising, isn't it?! I was also surprised to learn that there is snow in Israel, and moreover, a ski town, but the proof's in the pictures. Mount Hermon rests in a prime location at the northern tip of Israel, bordering Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. The altitude at Mount Hermon is 2,224 meters (or about 7,200 feet), making it not only Israel's northernmost point, but also, its highest. See the Golan Heights on the map below:

Mt. Hermon is in the Golan Heights region of Israel
Hit the slopes with this map of the ski trails at Mt. Hermon

On your way to a ski trip at Mount Hermon, you will see these mountain views ahead of you, in the middle of the Golan Heights, Israel's northernmost territory:


And then, once you finally make it to the slopes, you have the following images to behold. Pretty amazing, if I might say so myself. Not quite what you would expect in Israel, but it really is a real place, populated with Israelis wanting to dabble in skiing or snowboarding:


If snow isn't your thing, Mount Hermon is allegedly also quite beautiful in the summer months, known for its hiking and waterfalls during the hottest times of year:

Though we have not yet had a snowfall yet this year in Jerusalem, it's been mighty cold! I've had Rafi send me some beautiful pictures of Jerusalem covered in snow and it's quite a sight to behold. There's something about a desert covered in snow that is completely surreal. Please enjoy these images from Jerusalem's most recent snow storm from a few winters back.

Snowy view from the Mount of Olives:

Jerusalem from the Northeast (i.e. my neighborhood) and the Old City up close:

 Hebrew University and the Garden of Gethsemane: 

The Kidron Valley and the Zion Gate:

The Citadel of David and the Western Wall:

Close-up shots in the Old City of Jerusalem:

Stay warm out there, wherever you are, and enjoy the fun parts of these lasts few weeks of winter, i.e.  cute winter wardrobe, hot chocolate, snow, skiing and bundling up near a cozy fireplace!


  1. Rayzee, this post is speaking to me! I have been itching to go to the snow and this post has made me even more excited about my upcoming trip to Mammoth. There is something beautiful about a city covered in snow. I soooo wish it would happen in San Diego :)

  2. It is beautiful to see Jerusalem covered in snow, I never knew it snowed there!

  3. Wouldn't that be weird to have snow in San Diego!? I heard it's happened like once or twice before. What a sight that would be to behold. I love the snow and all, but am a summer girl at heart!!!


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