Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heseg Party in Tel Aviv

Over our four-day weekend (which passed by all too quickly) we headed into Tel Aviv for Rafi's "Heseg" Scholarship party. Of course, in spirit of the holiday, the theme was Purim-based. Rafi is not a big costume fan, but I did manage to get him to agree to wear Mickey Mouse ears in order to match my Minnie Mouse costume. I have a feeling that next year, he will be ready to make a commitment to a fully costumed outfit, from head to toe (he didn't even want to take his ears off after we had arrived back home). Here are a few shots from the "Heseg" party at the "Heseg" mansion on Rothschild in Tel Aviv (conveniently located across from the delicious chocolatier Max Brenner): 

Above, you will see that Rafi is posing in front of his own picture (#16) as he was one of 18 scholarship recipients selected to represent and assist new scholarship students in the upcoming year. He was a little embarrassed to be "on display" like that, but I know he is secretly proud of himself! Here are a few more pictures of the day-long party getting started on the "Heseg" rooftop:


And of course, what would a party be without food and drink? Scholarship recipients from all over the world provided food and drink from their local countries of origin, making it a festive and worldly celebration. The American group made mini apple pies, green apple martinis and baby waffles with nutella. Here are a few of the other stations:



The afternoon was spent lounging, eating, drinking and playing games with a live band playing festive Purim songs (and providing some dance opportunities) and of course a Megillah reading in the early afternoon.





Look who we found when we popped in across the street to Max Brenner to use the bathroom and to search for Rafi's cousin: it's Debra from Birthright Israel!! The two of us were reunited after almost five years. She was one of the handful of wonderful and inspirational Israeli soldiers that were on my Birthright trip and I was SO thrilled to bump into her in the middle of Tel Aviv :)

To end the afternoon we had to try "the best burgers in town" according to Debra, so down the street we went to Moses, which was rightfully packed with food-goers. That goofy icon to the left, by the way, is the cafe's logo. We couldn't figure out if it was a dog, cat, mouse, or you name it.


Back in Jerusalem, look who we found at Gan Sacher?! It's our good friends Ariel and Or, back from their US trip. You can't tell, but there is quite a "balagan" going on in the background. If only pictures had sound sometimes.... Rafi and I were in the park enjoying a yummy evening barbecue with some of his school friends  in order to wrap up the Purim break. A great way to welcome Spring. We're looking forward now to the warm days and nights to come!



  1. Hey love! :)
    so nice to be posted on your blog, i feel famous! I'm so glad you loved Moses :) and it's one of the best burgers here in IL, we also have Black and Agadir try these too also :).

    It was soo nice to meet you too! :) can wait for our next 'Bump' lol.

  2. This looks like so much fun...I wish I could be in Israel celebrating Purim...maybe next year :)

  3. Debra - hope you don't mind me posting your picture on here! I was so excited to see you! I will have to put those 2 places on my restaurant list (along with the cupcake place in Tel Aviv and Giraffe).

    Kate - Yes PLEASE come visit next year! I am envisioning all of you girls making your way over here in the next year, especially since I'll be here an extra year at least.


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