Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purim Decor in the City

As you know by now, Purim is in the air.  Most of my posts this week have been and will be dedicated to the celebration thereof. It kind of gives you a picture into the spirit in the air here. Curious what it looks like? Well, here's a little glimpse into an average day leading up to Purim. Read ahead:

We start the day off with a little walk through Nachlaot, a religious neighborhood between my Hebrew classes and the shuk (Israeli marketplace) where I am heading:



Continuing through Nachlaot, you've nearly arrived at the shuk and everywhere you look, there are vendors selling food baskets and gift baskets for the Purim holiday. This is exactly what I've come to fetch:



And of course, I had to pick up some hamantaschen (also called "Haman's ears" since that is exactly what they are meant to replicate):


On my way from the shuk into the city center, I pass by a number of shops which have turned into makeshift Purim costume stores. Of course, I had to buy myself a mask for the upcoming class celebrations:




And here are just a few more images of the sites you might see walking down busy Ben Yehuda Street during the days preceding Purim:



And of course, you cannot forget the abundance of passerbys in costume throughout the week. Sometimes it's just a single person, sometimes it's a group of cute kids and other times it's a full, blown out Purim party happening in the street as soon as you turn a corner:



Let the celebrations continue! And welcome a 4-day weekend :) For those of you here in Jerusalem, be sure to check out the local festivities going on here on Sunday and Monday: for celebrations, click here!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Also, looks very sunny there-the hamantaschen looks delicious!


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