Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Awakening

Spring is in the air! And flowers are blooming right and left as the sun peeks out after a long, rainy and cold winter. You have to remember that Jerusalem is in the mountains so it remains the coolest climate in all of Israel.





 (Images via Dan B. D., Israel)

At this time of year, people flock to the charming village of Ein Karem, which is within Jerusalem's borders, to see the almond trees in full bloom.




These finds of are just from a google search, but I had to include them here since they are so beautiful. I even made one of them the new backdrop on my computer! The 2nd one looks picture perfect for a wedding to take place under. That's sort of what I had in mind for my own wedding but that many flowers would've taken up the entire wedding budget! :)


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