Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Jerusalem Arts Festival

(Images via Jerusalem Arts Festival website)
The 10th annual Jerusalem Arts Festival is already in full swing here in the holy city. The festival actually opened its doors last week on March 29, 2011 and will carry on through April 5, 2011. This week-long arts and cultures festival showcases local artists, dancers and singers in a plethora of performances, shows, and other enticing exhibitions. In its 10th year running, the festival has been embraced by the community with wide success. 



The entertainment might not exactly be Broadway show material (I would be the first one to purchase a ticket if I heard news that a Broadway show was making its way here to Israel...perhaps in due time), but nonetheless the festival has become a popular tradition that allows locals to attend quality performances at a reasonable price. You can expect the shows to take place in several locations throughout the city, including the Jerusalem Theatre, the Khan Theatre, the YMCA Hall, Beit Shmuel, the Gerard Behar Center, St. Andrew's Church and other choice venues throughout the city.

Especially enticing is the fact that a number of evening performances will be offered to the general public free of charge - yes, you read that correctly! The free performances will take place at the Jerusalem Theater either before or after the evening's main show. From the looks of it, tasty treats will be available to enjoy during the free performances. To see which options interest you, take a look at the festival's website here