Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wohl Rose Park

Amidst the government precinct in Jerusalem sits the luscious and verdant Wohl Rose Park, prized as one of the world's most beautiful rose gardens. It is always such a pleasure to find some greenery amidst a busy city and the Wohl Rose Park is such a place, a refuge from the noise and traffic of Jerusalem. 




The Wohl Rose Park is a 19 acre space nestled inbetween the Knesset on one end and the Supreme Court on the other end. Inside the park, you will find over 400 species of roses, many of them gifts from countries around the world. Specifically, the park's Garden of Nations is made up of floral areas that were gifted from different countries around the globe. In another portion of the Wohl Rose Park is an experimental section where new rose varieties are tested out. 




In 2003, the Wohl Rose Park was awarded in an international garden competition as one of the 11 most beautiful rose gardens in the world. For a floral enthusiast, which I am, I would have to confidently agree that there is certainly something special about this place. You cannot help but smile and literally take in the scent of the roses as you stroll through the fragrant grounds. 




Throughout your walk through the park (or perhaps it's a picnic or a sunbathe), you will find 15,000 rose bushes, expansive lawns, ponds with waterfalls and fish, interesting sculptures, towering trees and even unique birds enjoying the greenery. The landscaping is something to appreciate and you will find yourself a little more relaxed after taking the time to enjoy some time in the park. 





If you're like me in the sense that you love a beautiful arboretum or park, then this one is one not to be missed. I'm looking forward to heading back there on a sunny day, with a blanket to sit on, snacks to munch on and a good book to keep my company. Yes, I can think of nothing better!





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  1. Looks like your kind of spot! All of the roses are beautiful!


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