Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best in Town

It would be so easy to accidentally pass this place by if you didn't know it was the buzz of the town. I certainly walked by unbeknownst on many an occasion. This neighborhood bakery, delightfully known as Marzipan, definitely caught my olfactory senses a handful of times, however, it wasn't until I continued to get the repetitive recommendation that it sold the very best sweets and treats in town that I realized I was really missing out on something big here. So, I made my sojourn to this seeming hole-in-the-wall bakery that was allegedly worth all the chatter.


Marzipan is located on Agrippas street just before the entrance to the city's Mahane Yehuda shuk.  It is sandwiched inbetween the wine shop to the left and some sort of falafel or schwarma place to the right. Sorry, not sure of the exact street number here, but that's sort of the directions you'll get anyways when it comes to the shuk. 


This sweet bakery is a family owned and operated business that boasts the most in-demand chocolate rugelach (delicious pastry) and cheese-filled burekas (warm, doughy, savory treat) in town. They have had their doors open here in Jerusalem since the mid-1980's and are still running strong. 


So, you might be wondering, how did the taste test fare in person? Well, my very favorite rugelach are infamously hard to beat and I have to say, though these came to a close 2nd, nothing can replace my favorite nosh which is all the way back in Los Angeles at Canter's Deli (every time a visitor comes from California, my mom sends a large, fresh package of their famous chocolate chip rugelach to me). See further details here.


('s a few images from Canter's Deli on Fairfax back home in sunny Los Angeles):

Canter's on Fairfax (via Canter's website)
Those cream-cheese chocolate chip buddies are my favorites
However, I am glad to announce that the savory cheese burekas and the peppered doughy-filled burekas from Marzipan were so unbelievably delicious that I actually used the rare honor of voicing an extended, "Mmmmmm" out loud. I insisted that everyone around me try a piece; and of course I had to take a handful home to savor later on. Anyone who has ever gone with me to test out these burekas has had the same audible reaction, which is a testament to the baker's unique talent.


If you haven't yet been in, do yourself a favor and GO! Trust'll be worth it


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