Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sara's Studio

I'd been eying a beautiful set of ceramics at the weekly Bezalel Fair in town, namely the artisan Sara's Studio whose characteristic look is an off-white or tan pottery base decorated with colorful and cheerful flowers:

I really wanted to have something in my home, whether it was a set of mugs, a centerpiece bowl or a fruit tray. Luckily, when my parents were in town last month, we fell in love with the vases and so after some discussion with the vendor, my mom gifted my husband and I with a vase (it would take a few weeks to receive) handmade especially for us. Last Friday, we finally went to go pick it up:


It's a little dangerous getting one piece, because it leaves you wanting to get an entire setting, with plates, bowls, cups and all. I've always had a soft spot for handmade pottery plateware, especially ones with a Mediterranean flair like the Marisol collection from Williams Sonoma (though it was on our registry, it was terribly backordered):

Marisol Collection - Williams Sonoma

I've also had my eyes on Rosanna's beautiful plateware collections for some time (see her website here). How can you not want to eat a cupcake off those plates, gelato out of those divine bowls, rerfeshing fruit from those red-polka dotted plates and fresh pasta off of those Italian inspired dishes:



Until my husband and I are officially settled, I'm staying away from purchasing entire collections; however, I'm so happy to have at least one cheery piece in my home, which brings a smile to my face every time I look at it!


More to come soon on my favorite flower shop in town, which always manages to transform my mood!


  1. Beautiful vase and I love those flowers!!

  2. I'm happy to see the vase turned out so beautifully. Peonies are amongst my favorite flowers. Good choice!


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