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White Night Tel Aviv

Since being declared the White City by UNESCO in July 2003, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has been marking the honor in an annual one-night fest offering a slew of special events for the benefit of the residents and visitors of Tel Aviv. This one-night fest is known to the world as White Night Tel Aviv (Layla Lavan Tel Aviv), and is taking place today, June 30, 2011.

Think New Year's Eve style streets, packed from side to side with music blasting, people dancing and a grand time being had by all. Several key events will also be going on during White Night throughout all of Tel Aviv's city limits. Here are a select few as advertised in The Jerusalem Post (view select events via Jerusalem Post):

Tour of Rothschild Boulevard
Various musical and theater street shows will line the beautiful boulevard.
Rothschild Boulevard, Bialik Street. All night long

Matti and Shlomo Open Air Concert – until the sun rises
Matti Caspi and Shlomo Gronich will perform in an open-air concert, offering authentic Israeli music until the sun rises.
Northern Tzuk Beach, 1 a.m. Free admission

Indie city
Various concerts by some of Israel’s best rock bands.
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Shaul Hamelech 27.

Israeli folk dancing
Starting at 9 p.m., Israeli folk dancing with Sarah Aviv with special guest dancers.
Gordon Beach. From 9 p.m.

Night market
The flea market in Jaffa will be open all night, offering special stores and arts & crafts stalls. There will also be numerous street theater performances, music, exhibitions, galleries and more.
Flea market, Jaffa. Free admission

All-night parties
R&B and hip hop will be playing all night in Bialik Square. Afrobeat, funk and hip hop artists will perform, starting at 10 p.m.

Tel Aviv’s famous Dizengoff Center will host a Pop-Shop party, where Dizengoff Street meets King George Street. The mall’s stores will be open through the night.
All parties free of charge

Yehudit Ravitz at Zappa
Israeli music legend Yehudit Ravitz will perform songs spanning her whole career, as well as new hits at a special concert.
Zappa Club, Raul Wallenberg 24. Free admission

At Jaffa Port
Ahinoam Nini and Mira Awad will perform their “Together and Alone” evening at the Jaffa Port, and artist Ruba will open her one-woman show “Out of Place,” a collection of recent works dealing with issues of belonging and identity. There will also be workshops with stylists Doreen Attias and Ravit Assaf.

A night at the opera
The Israel Opera will join in the celebrations in a concert of opera hits that will begin at midnight into the wee hours. The opera stars will each perform a few arias, accompanied by pianist Eitan Schmeister and Michael Ajzenstadt as host.
(03) 6927777, NIS 65

Tel Aviv by day
Tel Aviv by night

As if that were not enough, the fun continues with the listings of events featured in the Haaretz newspaper (apologies for any overlapping information):
Nahalat Binyamin Houses  
Meeting place: Magen David Square, at the entrance to the Carmel Market. 7pm, 9pm.

The House on the Hill; Bialik Street and its surroundings 
Meeting place: the King George St entrance to Gan Meir. 7pm, 9pm.

Tel Aviv “Say Cheese” photo tour 
Meeting place: corner of Alenby and Bialik streets. 8pm, 10pm (NIS 50).

Neve Tzedek Magical Allies  
Meeting place: Kir Hameyasdim at Suzanne Dellal Square. 8pm, 10pm.

Along Rothschild Boulevard  
Meeting place: corner of Ahad Haam and Hertzl streets. 7pm.

Rothschild after midnight  
Meeting place: corner of Rothschild Blvd and Hertzl St, by the kiosk. 11:15pm.

Around Dizengoff Square  
Meeting place: next-to Cinema Hotel at Dizengoff Square. 8:30pm, 10:30pm.

The Songs of Tel Aviv  
Meeting place: corner of Ahad Haam and Hertzl Streets. 7pm, 9pm.

The oil lamp tour of Tel Aviv’s Pantheon and the Trumpeldor Cemetery  
Meeting place: the King George St entrance to Gan Meir. 10:30pm, 12:15am.

Old Jaffa  
Meeting place: the Clock Tower Square. 8pm, 10pm.

Music Events
The Indie City event will host two stages of Tel Aviv’s leading Indie musicians at the Tel Aviv Museum on Rothschild Blvd from 6pm – 2am.
Among the various happenings at the Dizengoff Center Urban Legend event is the Balkan Beat Box’s “Boom Pam –Alakazam” show (NIS 149 – 179) at 1am.

Glass artist Dale Chihuly presents about 100 works from almost all his series at the Litvak Gallery. Museum Tower, 4 Berkovitz St. Tel Aviv. Phone: 03-6959496.
The Eretz Israel Museum will offer discounted entry to a number of exhibitions from 8pm to midnight. 2 Haim Levanon St., Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv.

The Israeli Opera will put on a night concert of popular arias and songs from musical theater, at 12:30am. Tickets can be purchased from the Israeli Opera box office on 03-6927777 for NIS 60.




Special Events
(continued from Haaretz newspaper)

The fun does not stop even stop there. Numerous musical ensembles will perform side-by-side street theater shows and watch out for a feast for the eyes as 50 Bauhaus buildings will be illuminated against the night sky on Rothschild Blvd. HaTachana – the old railway station turned marketplace near Neve Tzedek – will host a song night, with The Tel Avivim and Tzeirey Tel Aviv (The Tel Aviv Youth). The “Pishpeshuk” project is back, with Jaffo’s flea market running throughout the night. This year’s theme will be about the purity of witches and magicians and will include an open stage at the market square, unique stores, art stalls, street theater performances and a Jaffa mosaics exhibition. As the sun rises on Friday morning, a yoga workshop, including meditation and song, will be held on the Tel Aviv Port deck at 5:30am. Whew! That's a lot to choose from, so clearly you cannot go wrong. There is something here for everyone!


Tel Aviv may be Jerusalem's rival (every country has a rivalry between their two largest cities...) but you cannot  argue with the fact that Tel Aviv is an amazing place, like no other. They have one of the most electric nightlife scenes I've ever experienced and they definitely know how to party. Any reason for a celebration and leave it to them to make it a recurring holiday, getting bigger and bigger with every year.

You didn't think the fun was over yet, did you? As the sun rises tomorrow morning, the partiers will be heading home....just for a few hours....until they are recharged and refreshed to attend the 2011 Tel Aviv Water War in Rabin Square. Details coming in the next post!


Enjoy White Night!

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