Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anglo Deals

There is nothing I love more than a good coupon deal website. Thus, I couldn't be happier about my new discovery of the new centralized coupon website called Anglo Deals. No more bookmarking every single coupon website and looking at 10 different couple deals that flood daily into your inbox. Now you can find all of the local deals centralized into one location on the Anglo Deals website, hosted by, a useful mishmash of local resources.

What you just saw above is a pretty exhaustive list of today's daily deals from a variety of local coupon companies on Anglo Deal's website. As you can see, they are all centralized into this one website, making it a smooth and clean process for you to filter through the daily offers. There are a few ways that you can actually cipher through the list of daily deals, one of which is by area:

Also, you can opt to view your coupon deals by category, as seen below, in headers such as "restaurants and cafes", "health and beauty", "entertainment", "parents and children", "vacations", "clothing and fashion, and "other".  Looks pretty convenient to me. I happen to love the restaurant deals, it's my weakness. That and anything having to do with pampering.


Make sure you enter your email address to get daily access to the centralized daily deals and eliminate the headache of having to filter through your previous handfuls of separate daily deal updates! You can find the website at the following address:


  1. That's super cool and so needed! Why didn't I come up with this idea?!?

  2. I know, right!? If they haven't come up with this idea yet in the US, I say you can make it happen!!

  3. That's my daughter! Coupon Queen in Israel!

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