Friday, July 8, 2011

Fridays in the City


Keeping in mind that weekends here are Fridays and Saturdays, it seems to be the "thing to do" to head for Tel Aviv on Fridays these days, especially now that mid-summer is upon us. All week, we look forward to getting to the beach on Friday, to Tel Aviv, where you never know what the day will hold as it unfolds. 

It almost always involves a stop at a local fresh squeezed juice bar because, well, it's HOT outside and you have something like 1,000 different stands to choose from. So get creative with your request, you can order any mixture of fruits and vegetables that your heart desires:

And almost always, you are tempted to make your way down to the beach, the central portion of which starts here at the Marina:

And what is this I see here? Are they exercise machines right there on the beach? Well, yes they are. I think we might just try these out for ourselves (surprisingly, people really do use these to work out, thus, people watching is a whole other activity to add to the list):


Of course, I had to take a stab at it myself. I think these machines are more fun than they are true exercise, but regardless, people use them with full seriousness!



After that "workout", it's time to head under the shade for a cool drink and a tasty treat at one of the many beach cafes (literally, not just on the beachfront, but actually on the sand on the beach). Take your shoes off and relax here for a while:

Like I reminded you guys last week, it's impossible to visit the city without participating in, or at least viewing, a round of "matkot":


If the sun's too hot, which it starts to be after just a few minutes, you can find some much needed in shade in one of the city's many open green parks:



And perhaps you may even choose to make your way into one of the many hotels on Tel Aviv's beachfront where you can plop yourself down amid a beautiful outdoor lounge. I just so happened to have friends in town and we did do just that. Here we are at Tel Aviv Hilton's beautiful property:




I'm already looking forward to my next trip to Tel Aviv. Must be something about growing up in San Diego....I can never be too far away from the sun and the beach!


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