Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jordan River Rafting

River Rafting on Jordan River (via Jordan River Rafting)
One of tourists favorite things to do in Israel is to head up north to the Galilee region where you can go kayaking or river rafting on the Jordan River. When it's as hot outside as it is now, people relish any kind of activity that involves being immersed in or splashed with water. I am no exception; I've found myself recently craving a visit back to Kfar Blum in the north of Israel where I can get my river rafting fix:


The last time I was there was in June 2006 with my Birthright Israel group. Although it was already five years ago (wow, does time fly...) I can still remember my visit there as if it was yesterday. We had so much fun letting loose and paddling down the small rapids:


Obviously it was not easy to take pictures while on the water but you'll have to take my word for it that there are some fun jumps and rapids on the river that will make it worth your while. Plus, like I mentioned before, nothing can beat the cold splashes of water amid a relentlessly hot day:



Kfar Blum and the Jordan River are located way up in the north of Israel near the borders of Lebanon (to the north) and Syria (to the east). This part of Israel is green, lush and expansive as compared to the Negev in the south of Israel.

Okay, so here in the picture below is proof of some actual rapids that will leave you a little nervous before the jump: 

And in the surrounding area, you have the northern Galilee, seen below, with its impressive views. Find yourself a zimmer to stay in overnight and make a weekend out of it. After all, the drive is a few hours and you don't want to drive there and back in the same day if at all possible.

You'll be happy to know that just today I found an online deal for visiting the Jordan River  (on BigDeal's website) so there is no reason not to go! In today's deal (click here) you will find a 50% off coupon for 1 hour of river rafting on the Jordan River (pay 40 shekels for the regular price of 80 shekels). So, in the end you're getting an hour of rafting time for only about US $11.50, which is unbeatable! I've already starting looking into a visit back there. It'll be a fantastic break from the summer heat. For more information on the Jordan River, see their website here: http://www.rafting.co.il/english


  1. Wow! I use to work in Kfar Blum Kayaks in that time and didn't meet you then :( Now we can do it toguether :)

  2. awesome! maybe you should market your blog to tourism companies in the area?

  3. Yes Paula, I love that idea! I've realized over the last year how move I love the tourism industry. Not just traveling, but getting others to travel too. Seems to be what I "do" in my free time :)


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