Saturday, July 9, 2011

Karmiel Dance Festival

Summertime seems to be the time of year for festivals to take place. There's just something about the nice weather and the state of mind, I guess. While Jerusalem is busy hosting the bustling Jerusalem Film Festival and while Tel Aviv is, well, booming because it's summer, up north in Karmiel, the scenic cityscape is preparing to usher in its 10th annual "Karmiel Dance Festival".

Between July 12-14, 2011 Karmiel will welcome nearly 5,000 professional dancers from both Israel and abroad who will take part in nearly 80 different dance performances over a three day period.

This breathtaking upper Galilee city, nestled inbetween the historic cities of Akko and Zfat, will turn into a center for international dance over the coming weeks.  

The festival is expected to attract roughly 300,000 tourists over the coming week, quite an influx to its normal tally of around 5,000 residents. Will you be one of the lucky visitors?

This central Galilee city will be sure to be filled with an array of colors, cultures and dazzling performances over the next week. If you're interested in seeing what events the festival has to offer, take a look at the website here:

(above images borrowed from Karmiel Dance Festival's website)

Karmiel will certainly make for a nice getaway; merely uttering its name brings to mind  images of Israel's Galilee region including vast green valleys, scenic hikes ending in cascading waterfalls, landscaped wineries and fields of flowers.

And just a stone's throw away and you'll find yourself up in the Jordan Valley where you can go river rafting down the Jordan River. 

Rafting down the Jordan River in the Galilee, Israel
It seems I've been neglecting the north of Israel for too long; watch out for posts introducing you to all there is to see up there. Who knows, perhaps I'll have to make the trip north for myself in the near future!

Sea of Galilee Region

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  1. I just caught up! I'm a bit behind because of all the thesis-ing :) I am loving it!


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