Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tel Aviv Water War

Last Friday, thousands of people gathered at Rabin Square for one of Tel Aviv's wackiest festivals: the Annual Tel Aviv Water War.  See below for a look at this water fight which has been declared the biggest in the world:

Decked out in bathing suits and snorkel gear, the crowds arrived armed and ready to attack with the biggest and best water guns:

The annual Water War attracts people of all ages from young kids to grown-ups who want to take part in the action. No matter what age, you better watch your back if you don't want to be splashed (or dump attacked with water from a bucket):



Don't think you are safe from up above....because those water guns have a long range and people have come prepared to soak everyone, high and low:



Every July 1, you can find massive crowds similar to below at Kikar Rabin in order to take part in the fun and to seek out a respite from the heat:




The fun starts around 3 p.m. and goes on until the crowd loses steam. Local media are on site (with plastic coverings over their cameras of course):



I'm not sure what's more fun, to be down in the thick of it amid the mayhem or to be up high laughing at the organized chaos going in down below:


It's hot outside and it's a good reason to get outdoors with friends, so grab your buddies and head down to the Water War! Of course, at this point, you'll have to wait til next year for the next annual event. Though have no fear, there's much to keep you occupied now that the Israeli summer has arrived:


We had a blast at the Water War and it never fails to amaze us how carefree and crazy the typical Israeli personality is! Any reason for a celebration, the Tel Aviv scene finds a way to adopt it.


  1. How well I remember the summer heat in Israel! (Till today, the phrase I learned on our first visit to Israel sticks with me...."Cham m'od - very hot!)

    All the folks pictured look as happy as we did when we were drenched with mist while walking through the rain forest in hot, humid Iguazu Falls. What a relief it was to be wet with cool water!

  2. That looks like soooo much fun!


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