Monday, July 4, 2011

Time Out

I've recently become really hooked on the English-versions of the Time Out magazine series here in Israel. As you can imagine, if Hebrew is not your first language, it can be kind of difficult to find out the scoop on the latest and greatest things to do both around town and throughout the country. However, have no fear, for Time Out comes to your rescue in its English online editions which can be found throughout the country. Look for fresh new editions of the magazines at the start of each month:

Although I've seen paper copies of Time Out: Tel Aviv, Time Out: Jerusalem, and Time Out: Israel in various hotels and street stands, it seems that there are also online versions of the two most popular Time Out magazines in the country, namely the Tel Aviv version and the Israel version. Thus, now you can enjoy these great social magazines from the comforts of home. Check out Time Out: Israel for yourself here in its online edition in the English language.






See, you can keep yourself informed of all the current and upcoming happenings around town (and around all of Israel since it's not that big of a place). Whatever you want to find, it's in there: food, shopping, hotels, events, music, arts, theater, gay and lesbian scene, sales, jewelry, restaurants, etc. And if you happen to be here in Israel, you can pick up a paper copy in person from most big hotels. Here in Jerusalem, you can find a Jerusalem version of the magazine. However, for now, take a look at Time Out: Tel Aviv for details about what I would describe as an insider's magazine full of advice for Israel's hippest city (see the English online edition here). Here's a peek at what you will find inside (via Time Out: Tel Aviv magazine online):






You might check out this magazine for your own city or even somewhere you plan to visit in the near future. I have found their advice quite reliable and up-to-date regarding everything from restaurants recommendations to the best shopping areas to the monthly social calendar. Take a look at their worldwide website here and see if your own city is on there. As for me, I know that I already see a number of new places that I want to explore for myself.


Happy reading! And Happy 4th of July!!


  1. Shalom
    Do you know what happened to Time Out Jerusalem (Hebrew edition) ? In july they were gone. I heard they went bankrupt but Time Out Tel Aviv is still out and they are published by the same company I thought. Thanks!

  2. Hi Avi,
    Actually, I don't know what happened to Time Out Jerusalem! I wondered the same thing as you and even emailed them but never received a response. I really used to enjoy getting the Jerusalem edition. I wonder what happened?!
    Sorry I don't have better news! :)

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