Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Israeli Sunsets

There's something that I just love about a beautiful desert sunset. To me, they are more scenic than any other type of sunset. That's part of why I've always appreciated vacationing in desert oases like Palm Springs, Las Vegas and Scottsdale while growing up. Israel's desert sunsets are no exception. One of the redeeming factors to having such brutally hot days here is not only the cloudless blue skies by day, but also, the blazing sunsets by nightfall:

How often do you get a desert location that is also situated on the sea? Makes for a really neat sunset experience. I've usually found it difficult to capture the colors in a sunset but I think you can imagine the scene:

Those reds, oranges and crimsons setting the sky on fire daily is always a sight to be had. I never get tired of it:

Even in mid-summer, the sun is setting around 7:45 pm here unlike more northern countries. It makes the perfect activity to follow-up on a long day at work or school:

In the Old City, the sunset colors and shadows fly into the various cracks and crevasses, always leaving you with a sight to behold, especially against that beautiful backdrop of endless Jerusalem stone:

If you were wondering where to catch the "it" view  of Jerusalem, the secret's out: it's from the Mount of Olives and/or the French Hill neighborhood on top of Hebrew University's campus (literally on top of the faculty lounge).

Any day spent in Tel Aviv must be ended with a few quiet minutes on the beach where you can take in the colorful sunset while actually being able to sit in breezier temperatures for an extended period as the sun sets:

Even in the middle of the desert, the soldiers are no strangers to scenic sunsets. My husband said that on his naval ship, they used to watch the sunset almost every single day, whether on land or at sea:

On the hottest days with the bluest skies (which is something to be appreciated in of itself), you often get the most beautiful sunsets of all, as seen below:

Yesterday was sort of a hazier day, but the sunset was still pretty nonetheless. On one side of our neighborhood, you have a view out to the Old City as you look down from the hilltop on which we're located. On the other side of our neighborhood, you have a more typical Israeli landscaped setting with the rolling green hills and the communities drenched in Jerusalem stone:



Be sure to get outside for a few minutes to bathe in the beautiful sunsets that paint the sky everyday during this hot time of year. I promise, whatever is on your mind, no matter how big or small it may be, will seem far away as you gander out to infinity.

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