Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo Tour

These pictures have been popping up on various forums that I am connected with and they were just too beautiful not to share with the world out there. So please enjoy some typical daily summer scenes from the bustling city of Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city and home to approximately 3.5 million people. With a population this large, there's got to be something special about this place and I think the photos (courtesy of Lauren Tolila) might just do it justice:

The architecture of Tel Aviv is known for its white, Bauhaus style with large windows, lengthy balconies, shaded gardens and scenic rooftop decks. The buildings are built in such a way so as to maximize air flow and minimize the heat without the use of air conditioning:


And of course, there's the beach scene, Tel Aviv's main draw aside from its shopping, cultural events, museums and busy restaurant scene. I have enough photos of the Tel Aviv beaches to fill an entire album, but it can never hurt to see yet another beautiful beach photo. It helps to calm you just by looking at it:

While beachgoers enjoy the warm waters, the shaded umbrellas and the sounds of the beach (think rollerbladers whooshing by, games of matkot going on, crashing waves and the loud Hebrew chatter of beach visitors), there are those who are busy in the city center of the city that never seems to sleep:


After running around in the city or after relaxing and sunbathing on the Mediterranean shore, you've got to go eat. Your problem will not be finding a place to eat, but rather, choosing between the endless options. Tel Aviv is home to nearly every type of cuisine on the planet and has the 3rd highest concentration of sushi restaurants of any city on the planet. Additionally, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture named a Tel Aviv Italian restaurant as the best Italian restaurant outside of Italy. There's a whole lot to pick from and you really can't go wrong. A couple of my favorites are Giraffe (Asian Fusion cuisine), Manta Ray (fish) and Ernesto (Italian). Of course, you've also got to try the typical Israeli fare (hummus and pita, falafels, shwarma, schnitzel):

As dusk befalls the city, sitting back and watching the sunset is an old pastime that really never goes out of style. The crowds have usually left the beaches by now and you can have the beautiful views all to yourself as you watch the sun dip into the Mediterranean as the skies are painted beautiful shades of orange and red:



For some, the "day" is just beginning as night falls on the city of Tel Aviv.  The nightlife here in Tel Aviv is considered some of the best in the world, with bars and clubs staying open until the early morning hours and going hard several nights a week. The nightlife attracts international attention, drawing in DJs and acts from abroad:

Thanks to Lauren for the beautiful photos. It's always nice to be able to show people far away what it looks here on an average summer day and I think these pictures might have done the trick.


  1. Thank you so much for showing these beautiful pictures..

    Lam Israel

  2. such a beauty! amazing :)

  3. Ah, so many wonderful pictures.
    Yes, you have a great blog from a beautiful country.. I'm glad I found it.

    Best regards from Norway

  4. How nice of you to include these on your blog! The photos are spectacular & Lauren certainly has a remarkable gift for photography.


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