Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tel Aviv Fun Day

The other day, we decided to venture into Tel Aviv, where there is always some sort of fun option awaiting to be discovered. We started our day at the HaTachana Old Railway Station, an urban attraction filled with restaurants, shops and galleries. Also, it's just across the street from a beautiful stretch of beach and perhaps a 15 minute walk from Old Yaffo Port. Here we are arriving into an interesting display during Tel Aviv Fashion Weekend at HaTachana:

You can see how this area used to literally be an Old Railway stop before being redeveloped into a popular mixed-use space here in the heart of Tel Aviv. I love the mix or history and modernity together:


Since it was Tel Aviv Fashion Weekend, I had to visit a handful of the open shops. I saw so many cute jewelry shops and clothing stores. But I was on my best behavior, just window shopping. I must say I was very tempted though:




Hungry? There are an abundance of places from which to choose. We found a yummy tapas place in the center of it all that was just getting going for the day. Also, you must (absolutely must) try a gelato from Vaniglia next time you're at the HaTachana:

There are plenty of places for impatient boyfriends, husbands and significant others to sit or to stroll while you do your shopping:



And this weekend there even happened to be live music with a shaded lounge area that provided a perfect respite to the midday heat:

As I mentioned, HaTachana is just across the street from a beautiful beach bordered by a green park area. A 15 minute walk to the left will get you into the heart of Old Jaffa Port, worth its on day trip; and a 15 minute walk to the right will take you down the main beach boardwalk into the heart of Tel Aviv's central beach scene:

A close up look at Tel Aviv's beaches at this location near HaTachana. I appreciated the calm and quiet at this location as opposed to the beaches smack dab in the center of town. In just a few weeks, the weather will start to get cooler, so we've got to get outside and enjoy the last month or so of summer. It's still pretty hot here!

You can always catch a beautiful sunset in Tel Aviv, each and every day of the week. Just have to make sure that you're there on time. We had an early dinner and weren't expecting such an early sunset even before 7 p.m. I guess that means that slowly but surely the seasons are changing. The photo below doesn't even do it justice. Minutes earlier, the sky was ablaze was beautiful sunset colors, but that sun sunk way too quickly:


By night, there are cafes to explore, movies to choose from and nightlife options to enjoy into the early morning hours. Just another beautiful day in a beautiful city.

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