Saturday, October 15, 2011

Belgium Break

Today we are off to Belgium for the next three nights, before heading to our final destination in Israel. Belgium has always been close to my heart since my dad studied there for medical school and lived there for a total of seven years. Due to my father's connections to Belgium, we have a close family friend there who will be hosting my husband and I for the next few days. Visits to Bruges, Brussels and Antwerp are on the agenda.



In Bruges we will see the typical cobblestone streets, lined canals and medieval structures around the quiet and quaint city.



In Brussels, we will meander throughout Belgium's official capital and the EU's unofficial capital in Europe. The historic city center and various museums will leave us with several options from which to choose in this bustling and business-minded multicultural city.

In Antwerp, we will find Belgium's second largest city replete with medieval streets, giant cathedrals, artistic heritage and fashion galore.


After our whirlwind trip to Belgium, it will be time to head back to Israel and our travels will have come to an end (momentarily at least). Hopefully, we will have had our fill of scrumptious Belgian waffles, tantalizing Belgian chocolate and the beautiful Belgian scenery. Though I've been to Belgium once before as a young girl, my memories are scattered of this country. In particular, I recall the beautiful canals which I am eagerly looking forward to revisiting.


  1. So happy you're experiencing a little taste of Belgium. A wonderful country packed with exceptional sights, outstanding food & exciting experiences.

    Daddy was so fortunate to be able to live & study in the magnificent town of Louvain (Luven in Flemish). Antwerp was where I created a stir by asking for iced tea!

  2. I would love to go back with you guys! Please buy a ticket and come over here. I can see why Daddy loved Belgium despite the weather. Like father, like daughter I guess :)


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