Thursday, November 24, 2011

Malcha Mall Events

Malcha Mall is surely Jerusalem's largest and most popular shopping center. Seen in the picture below, Malcha Mall is a three-story facility which even houses a Zara and an H & M. We're pretty happy about that.

Malcha proves to always be busy, no matter when you make a visit there. You sort of have to push your way through the crowds, especially on a Friday, just to make it to your store. Despite this, it's the biggest mall we have in Jerusalem so if you need to visit a central mall, this is the one you will visit.

Malcha is also home to several events and promotions through the year. For instance, over the summer they hosted an outdoor "beach" party with sand, umbrellas, music and drinks. This week, there has been an ongoing TLC Fair, with special sales of all kinds of pampering products. Handmade soaps, feng-shui items, cozy winter selections and massage products; you name it, you will find it. In addition to the special TLC selections, there is a great deal where you are able to select a special quality gift item for just 10 NIS after spending 299 NIS in the Malcha Mall during the TLC Fair's dates from November 20-24.


So if you haven't yet been, GO! Additionally, every Friday, the Malcha Mall becomes the grounds for the weekly Culinary Fair. I happened upon this fair by accident one week and was so excited to see a delicious array of foreign and quality foods throughout the Mall. I was most excited about my run-in with the potsticker dumpling stand, a delicious delicacy that not only happens to be one of my favorite foods, but also, something that is fairly hard to come by in Israel. You will have better luck in Tel Aviv (as opposed to Jerusalem) for a wider selections of foods. In Jerusalem, you will be a bit limited by the plethora of Kosher restaurants in addition to the division of dairy restaurants, of which there are many, separate from the meat restaurants, of which there are few.

Chocolate stands, fresh bread, dessert displays, you will find it all at the weekly Culinary Fair. It's sort of like an indoor Farmer's Market. If you find yourself in Jerusalem on a Friday, perhaps stop by Malcha Mall for a delicious host of culinary treats. Or, better yet, you can visit Zara, one of Israel's preferred shopping stores -- and the only one you will find in Jerusalem. Shabbat Shalom and have a restful weekend!

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