Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Night Show Spectacular

During the day, the Tower of David complex on the edge of Jerusalem's Old City, is one of the main attractions in town. Constructed over 2,000 years ago by Herod the Great, the Tower of David still remains intact - amazingly - despite the passage of time. Interactive exhibits and a great lookout from the minaret attract hundreds of visitors daily.

But visiting during the day is not the only option at the Tower of David.  If you haven't yet been (or if you happen to be planning a visit to Jerusalem in the near future), then you need to add an item to your list. At night, the Tower of David's Night Spectacular turns the walls of the Old City into a living piece of history.

Amidst the archaeological remains of the David Citadel and set to the sound of pulsing music, the story of Jerusalem unfolds through breathtaking, larger-than-life virtual reality images. There is no narration, just a few biblical verses spoken in both Hebrew and English. The 45-minute show details vignettes from different periods of history presented with blazing colors and dramatic soundtracks.


In just under an hour, you will experience an endless stream of images that memorialize Jerusalem's 4,000 year history and while sitting in the very place where many of these historic episodes of history occurred.

You will watch as time periods meld seamlessly into one another. You will see King David playing his harp on the rooftop of the Old City and then there will be the Queen of Sheba visiting King Solomon's palace. The show will take you to the city's various churches and monasteries, showing you the people of the time as you pass through each period. Hearing the church bells ring, you will almost feel that you can step right into the churches which are displayed across the wall. Another beautiful scene you will see is Muhammad's night journey from the Al-Aqsa mosque to heaven.

The Night Show Spectacular in Jerusalem was heralded by the New York Times as one of the "must-see shows of a lifetime". It is not your typical lights, sound and special effects show. Viewers report being moved to laughter and tears as they watch mystifying, lifelike scenes of beauty unfold before their their eyes and ears against the backdrop of the Old City walls. Quiet a special experience to take part in while on a visit to Jerusalem.

Tickets can be purchased for almost any night of the year, except for Friday nights when the city shuts down for Shabbat, of course. Most nights, in fact, there are two show viewings available. But since it's almost December, be sure to bundle up! Don't be deceived by the fact that you are visiting Israel, our nightly temperatures are already dipping into the mid-40s F (or around 10 C). Prices are 45 NIS for regular tickets (the equivalent of about $12 US) and there are special rates for children, students and soldiers. If you are interested in visiting the Tower of David Museum during the daytime, there are special deals available for you. For more information on tickets and showtimes, follow this link

Be sure to come to see this magical show put together by the Skertzo Group from France, who specialize in technical productions at historic sites. Taking over a year to put together (and reviewing 4,000 years worth of history), the Night Show Spectacular cost over $2.5 million US to put together. It will be a dazzling treat for your senses. Enjoy the above video as a sample of what you might see!

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