Thursday, December 8, 2011

American Groceries

I was completely devastated this year when I went to my local grocery store to buy some canned pumpkin for my annual batch of pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (a favorite recipe provided by my friend Alex from San Diego) only to discover that the grocery store did not carry canned pumpkin. The sales clerk looked at me with a confused look, in fact, when I asked in my broken Hebrew if they had pumpkin in a can? No, no, only the actual fruit, she replied to me. 

I had just about given up on my batch of pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies when a friend asked me if I had ever been to the local grocery store in the Germany Colony, where as you might have guessed, many Americans live. Stunned, I asked her, "Do you mean to tell me that there has been a store here in Jerusalem all this time that carries American products?" She looked at me pretty confidently and nodded that yes, the grocery store in the Germany Colony was known to carry several staple American products. You can guess where I went bright and early the very next morning. I had to see this for myself.

Let me tell you, for over a year now, I haven't been able to buy American candy, pre-packaged cookies to bake, Crisco for baking, parve-free chocolate chips, root beer, regular hot chocolate mix that comes in packets, muffin mixes, pancake mix, canned pumpkin or cherry, pre-made pizza dough to make a pizza, and on and on. There seems to be a theme here and it is the fact Israel doesn't do a whole lot of pre-packaging. Which, yes, is great. Everything here is fresh and wholesome. However, every once in awhile, you get a craving for a little piece of home and a little bit of convenience when it comes to cooking.

Well, look more no more Jerusalem locals because I am pleased to tell you that if you weren't already aware, the Supermarket in the German Colony is an Americanized market with selections galore. Crisco? Yes, they've got it. Canned pumpkins and cherries? They've got those too. Hot chocolate mix, root beer and pancake mixes? Yes, yes and yes. 

Oh, and Jerusalem locals, you'll love this too. The German Colony's Super Hamoshava also has the typical American wrist baskets that allow you to shop easily without lugging around a huge grocery cart. A small luxury that goes such a long way, you have no idea. Why the rest of the supermarkets have not yet adopted this feature is beyond me. I'm just thrilled to have found it.

And, best of all, the grocery store delivers. You can place your order online at their website (click here) or call them for delivery at 1700-5000-81. Something funny to wrap up this post is the "lost in translation" moment on the supermarket's delivery advertisement. In the store where I saw the delivery ad posted, I must have read the line over three or four times, it said "buy a pleasant!!" What did it mean? Do they mean to say "buy a present"? But, that is too odd, doesn't make any sense. So, I looked above at the Hebrew which said, "kniya naima" and suddenly it all became clear, they meant to say "pleasant shopping!" It always baffles me that whoever produces these ads does not consult an English speaker to check the brief form before printing. Nonetheless, it made me laugh. 

In sum, I wish to you all pleasant shopping and if you want your American grocery fix, now you know just the place to go. For the recipe for those famous pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, see the recipe in full at my friend's wonderful blog (click here) where it's been outlined for us already.


  1. Did they sell the small ziplock bags? (Hope so, cause that would one less item we'd have to stuff in our overloaded bags when we next visit Israel!)

  2. Mom, that is a great idea. I've got to keep my eyes wide open next time I'm there!! Ironically, I've heard that ziploc plastics bags have been sampled here in Israel and did not succeed. VERY SURPRISING. Israelis have go to move forward with this one, I'm sorry.


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