Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apple in Israel

No, I'm not referring to my young sister, who I've affectionately nicknamed 'Apple' ever since we were kids (even pre-Gwyneth days). I am talking about the news that has been all over Israeli newspapers this week and that the fact that Apple, the Silicon Valley technology giant built by Steve Jobs, is making its way to Israel.

View of Haifa from atop Baha'i Gardens
Apple, a US-born institution, is planning on opening up its first development center outside the United States right here in Israel. I've mentioned before how Israel is really the up-and-coming Silicon Valley of the world, and this proves my case in point. Allegedly, the new research and development home will be situated somewhere in Haifa, where many other high-tech companies have also made a home for themselves. 

Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California
Technion Campus in Haifa, Israel
My husband, who spent the current week up in Haifa working out of the Intel office up there, was excited to learn that Apple employees were on site visiting the Intel grounds and neighboring research circles to examine a nice new home for the Apple research and development headquarters. Apple is showing interest in that location due to its proximity to the Technion, one of the world's leading institutions of technology, as well as the slew of global technology levithans who have made the area home in recent years, including Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Qualcomm. 

According to recent news, the new Apple center will focus on developing flash storage technologies for the company's cellular and iPad devices as well as the A5 CPUs (I have no idea what this is either, it's all computer talk to me).

I can't help but wonder how Steve Jobs would feel about this move, having recently passed away. At this point, it is not clear whether or not he was involved in this decision to move Apple outside of the US for the first time, or whether this is a brand new development post-Steve Jobs. Regardless, the people of Israel, who are mighty tech-savvy, could not be more excited.

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