Sunday, December 4, 2011

Time Out Holiday Edition

Time Out Magazines are issued in several of the most popular and amazing cities throughout the world, including here in Israel in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I've previously highlighted the digital edition, which just happens to be in English, but I thought I would go ahead and provide a monthly link to the online issues that come out each month. After all, who doesn't want to be clued in to the happenings in cultural activities, dining out and night life in your favorite cities in Israel? So, without further ado, here's a peek at this December's Time Out Israel Digital Edition, which can be found at the following website {click here to access the link}.


Time Out features a Monthly Planner as your go-to guide to the latest and greatest happenings in and around the country.  Take a look at the planner below or head on over to the website for a more thorough read.

With the holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas befalling us, Time Out features some holiday appropriate articles pertaining to these celebrated holidays. Now, in most major cities throughout Israel, you will not see a trace of Christmas advertised {instead, you will see traces of Hanukkah galore}, but in the smaller villages and Arab communities where Christmas is celebrated, it is a differently story.


As we approach the end of the secular year, it is fitting to look at Time Out's Year in Review, which highlights the big happenings from month to month, from January through December in 2011.


From Tel Aviv's Tent City protests to Gilad's release to the Palestinian request for statehood at the UN and the opening of the highly anticipated Tel Aviv Museum of Art's new wing, it has been a historic year for Israel. That much I can assure you. For lighter reads, browse through Time Out's Style Guide.

Or for a look at activities and events throughout Israel, those with traveling feet can check out Israel 4 You.

And of course, we cannot leave out the Nightlife Section, filled with several spreads of where to go and what to do throughout December and the new year.

Last but not least, no guide would be complete with a Food & Drink Section, which lists dozens of the best eateries throughout all of Israel, divided by city and region.

You can opt to pick up a paper copy of the Time Out's English Edition in any major hotel, however, it seems that editions are limited and usually disappear after the first half of the month. Thus, the online edition is always a good option for those of you out there who are either in Israel or on your way here for a visit. Enjoy reading Time Out, I've found it to be a great source of publicity for the ins and outs of this country. Visit Time Out's online version today:


  1. Wish we had "Time Out"in San Diego!

  2. It is a little surprising that Time Out hasn't ventured yet to San Diego. It definitely deserves to be a contender based on the classiness of cities they currently cover!


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