Sunday, January 1, 2012

Art Year 2012


First and foremost, Happy New Year's Day! I hope everyone out there had an eventful New Year's Eve celebration. Last year, my husband and I were traipsing around Rome for New Year's Eve, but this year we stayed put here in Jerusalem since we had some friends in town. Perhaps a getaway is in the near future. Something else to look forward to in this New Year is what art critics are calling "Tel Aviv Art Year 2012".

Based on the Hebrew calendar beginning in the fall of 2011 and ending next fall in 2012, this year has already proved to be happening in the art world. Tel Aviv recently welcomed three exciting venues into their arts and culture scene, including a brand new wing at the popular Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the renovated Habima Theater and the upgraded Cinemateque theater. More and more events and openings are schedule for the upcoming winter, spring and summer of the current year. A brief timeline can be seen below:

The Fall began with the unveiling of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, a landmark event in the Israeli art scene. Additionally, Israel hosted the International Symposium on Contemporary Museum Architecture in early November. Also, the International Exposure Conference took place here in Israel; and lastly, a host of lecture series at the Tel Aviv University also dotted the fall's agenda.

The Winter season has brought a continuation of the lively arts and culture scene to Tel Aviv. The Israeli Tourism Conference took place in Israel, gathering nearly 200 travel representatives from around the world. Next, the 75th Anniversary of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra hosted a two-week exhibit at the popular Tel Aviv Port. Also, the Tel Aviv Pixel Hotel opened up, providing a true room with a view, situated right in an old lifeguard station on one of Tel Aviv's main beaches. Additionally, we still have yet to look forward to the festival openings of the renovated Habima Theater and the expanded Tel Aviv Cinemateque, both staples in the Tel Aviv entertainment scene. An interesting addition to the timeline for the winter is a special invitation of Tel Aviv's taxi drivers on February 21, 2012 to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art for what is hoped to be a smart public relations move by educating taxi drivers -- who have daily contact with tourists -- about the local art scene.

In the Spring of 2012, we have to look forward to the Tel Aviv Arts Weekend from March 21-24, 2012. A plethora of exciting openings and events will take place during this scheduled weekend. During one of these nights, Tel Aviv Museums will stay open for 24 hours during the Tel Aviv Museum Marathon, during which time you can not only see art, but listen to lecturers and curators. Other specific events will also take place during Tel Aviv Arts Weekend, so tune in for details closer to that time of year. Other spring highlights include the European Capitals of Culture Conference, the Spring Festival in the Shapira Neighborhood, the IKT Conference, the Docaviv Festival, the Annual Education Conference, Museum Day 2012, the Fresh Paint Art Fair and lastly, Graduate Exhibitions. 

Finally, when Summer has made its way to 2012, the art scene will still be heating up. Pride Week, an annual event that takes place in June, is always known to offer special theater, dance and music performances as well as the infamous Pride Parade, one of the most celebrated events of the year. Another annual happening, Tel Aviv White Night will be an all-night multi-event festival taking place on June 28, 2012. The summer will round up with the annual Loving Art, Making Art Festival and the Bat Yam International Biennial for Landscape Urbanism.

And of course, this is all just in Tel Aviv. So, it's really just scratching the surface of what Israel has to offer in the realm of art and culture. For more details on Art Year 2012, see the Digital Edition of Time Out's coverage of the event by clicking here. Best wishes on a happy and healthy New Year!

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  1. So much to do & see! The Tel Aviv Contemporary Art Museum looks beautiful - who designed it? Geary?


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