Monday, January 2, 2012

Time Out January 2012 Edition


This month's issue of Time Out Israel is out once again, and as promised, I will be delivering the monthly issue to you on my blog. For a link to the online digital version of Time Out January 2012, click on this link. Time Out always makes it easy for you by providing a monthly planner of the inside events of the month:

Just when you think you've had enough of your routine, Time Out is there to update you on new places and events for the current month. Below, you'll see some recommendations for where to get a hot drink in this chilly winter weather as well as some highlights on a Tel Aviv neighborhood and some upcoming exhibitions at Jerusalem's Israel Museum.

This January, Time Out has highlighted for us some unique tours throughout Israel that are a bit off the beaten track. Take your pick from categories such as history, archaeology, athletic, food, art, nature, sunrise and style tours, among many others. See below for details and suggestions.


And with it being the New Year, of course Time Out had to provide a spread or two on the topic. Read over some new year's resolution suggestions and read about the more gloomy topic of the end of days, implied by the arrival of 2012.

And then, as usual, find your more typical spreads including everything from Style Tips, Israel 4 U, Around Town, Art, Dance and Theater. 

And to complete the monthly issue, Time Out wraps up with an ode to the Nightlife and the popular Food & Drink sections, because we'll surely be needing some distraction to get through the cold days of winter.


Happy New Year to all and enjoy your monthly issue of Time Out! If you happen to be in Israel, you can find an English version of the edition in most big hotels as well as in popular tourist centers. Be quick because they usually run out by the middle of the month. Luckily, the online version is always there as well. Happy reading!

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