Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fuerza Bruta Tel Aviv

Fuerza Bruta is an amazing dance sensation and thrilling non-stop show that has made its rounds around the world, from Buenos Aires to New York City to London and finally landing in Tel Aviv. I actually first saw Fuerza Bruta back in the summer of 2005 when I spent some time studying Spanish in Buenos Aires where friends and I attended the exciting show during its Argentinian debut where it was receiving a lot of hype. The show did not disappoint. See the Fuerza Bruta website here.


For the entire month of February, between the 2nd and 22nd, you can see the show for yourself here in Tel Aviv, Israel. Bound to be one of the most thrilling shows you've ever seen, there is no seat for Fuerza Bruta; instead you stand, making every spot in the house just as good of a seat as any other. You will be overcome by sensory overload as you see, hear and feel the multiple sensations taking place around you simultaneously.

Erotic, hypnotic and and aquatic, Fuerza Bruta is theatrical, memorable and entertaining. I would argue that the show is on par with something off-Broadway, so you're really getting your money's worth.

And speaking about money, the cost of the show is NIS 249 more or less (boy has the price gone up since the last time I saw it, much to do with the show's worldwide success). If you're an Orange or Leumi subscriber, or you hold a military discount (which most Israelis do), then you will be able to access the show's discounted prices.

If you're curious what you'll see at Fuerza Bruta, here's a little taste of what the show has to offer. Enjoy the following You Tube clip of actual highlights from a Fuerza Bruta show:

You still have a few nights left to catch the show, so head on over to the Mister Ticket website, click here, in order to purchase a ticket to a show that you'll never forget.

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