Sunday, February 26, 2012

McCain Sighting

It's always exciting to see a political figure - or anyone famous for that matter - whether you're a fan of them or not. Last week, while waiting outside the gorgeous David Citadel Hotel, I was standing with a friend when no other than Senator John McCain (as in the man who vied for the presidential seat against President Obama) walked out of the hotel with his entourage to await transportation. After we recognized excitedly who we were looking at, we of course fumbled to decide whether to say something to him, to greet him or to try and take a picture. We did none of the above, he was absolutely surrounded. But it was so exciting to be just a few feet away to this unexpected encounter.

After he and his entourage were whisked away into a large suburban (on their way, I'm assuming, to dinner) I quickly got on my blackberry to google his visit. Sure enough, McCain was in town to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu in order to discuss US-Israel relations in connection with the current nuclear threat from Iran. To read his statement, click on the following link here. The gist of his speech enforces the notion that the US and Israel ought to work together as allies against the Iranian regime. Here are some more images from his visit to Jerusalem:

For someone like me, a generalist with a vested interest in all topics, foreign policy is no exception. When you think about it, Jerusalem is quite the place to be if you want to surround yourself by international politics and foreign affairs. We receive visitors on an almost daily basis from political parties around the globe. And when they come to Jerusalem, they're most likely staying here, at the David Citadel Hotel (if not the King David):

So the next question, of course, was where did they go to dinner? When famous people come into town, I'm always curious to know about their itineraries. Martha Stewart made it public that she sampled out the hard-to-get-a-table Mahaneyuda near the Jerusalem shuk. Ever since, I've really wanted to dine there. My other guesses are perhaps the Colony Restaurant in the Talpiyot area or maybe the rooftop of the Notre Dame. For now, I'll never know. But chances are if you hang out for a day at one of Jerusalem's finest hotels, you're bound to see some major celebrities or politicians here for a quick visit:

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  1. Too bad you couldn't get close enough to tell him your Dad is his clone!


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