Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tel Aviv Accessible Art Fair

Starting today, February 12, 2012, the Tel Aviv Accessible Art Fair will be taking place in Old Jaffa in Tel Aviv at the Old Jaffa Antiquities Museum. 

This event which is ongoing through Thursday, February 16, 2012 will bring together some of the best contemporary and emerging artists in the field. 

A meeting place for artists and art lovers, the Art Fair will welcome everyone from first time buyers to experienced collectors. 

You can expect to view the artwork of the following emerging talents in the art world, all of whom represent varied styles, medias and subjects in the art world.

So, if art is your cup of tea and you've been looking for just the right piece to go over your fireplace, this might be the event for you. And there's nothing unappealing about spending the day or afternoon in beautiful Jaffa Port where you can stroll the cobblestone streets while gazing out over Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea.


Originally initiated by a Canadian expatriate in Brussels, the Accessible Art Fairs first began in Brussels, and have now emerged into the cities of Antwerp and Tel Aviv. So enjoy this rare opportunity to see some beautiful pieces of art right here in Israel. For more information on the charming cities of Brussels and Antwerp, please click on the previous city names. Additionally, for more information on the fair, please see the fair website by clicking here


  1. Too bad we're only a third of the way to Tel Aviv! In near, yet so far!

  2. thanks to all visitors , see you next edition in 2013!


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