Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tel Aviv Eats

Sometimes, you might get a little bored of the restaurant options in your current city, but not in Tel Aviv where your options are limitless.  Tel Aviv, a self-proclaimed "cafe culture", boasts one of the highest per capita restaurant scenes per square foot of any major city in the world. You can live a lifetime there and still find new places to sample out. Here are a few of my favorites. Feel free to add your own suggestions:


Giraffe was the first Pan-Asian themed restaurant to hit the culinary scene in Israel back in 1996. And a hit it was, turning the restaurant into a booming success. This delicious noodle bar, set in an urban and trendy setting, now is a chain with locations in several cities throughout Israel. The one we like to frequent most is the Ibn Gvirol location just off of Rabin Square. Try the delicious oriental salads, sushi options and sashimi or go for their signature noodle dishes including Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, or our favorite by far, the Spicy Philippine Dish. It's absolutely mouth-watering delicious, trust me. And very, very spicy indeed. Find more information, including a menu and locations, by clicking here.

Pronto Ristorante Italiano 

Known to be one of the best Italian restaurants outside of Italy, Pronto Ristorante Italiano has been awarded prestigious honors by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture for its authentic Italian cuisine. Located at 4 Hertzel Street in Tel Aviv, Pronto was developed about 20 years ago by an Italian filmmaker from Rome who brought the hearty recipes with him to the holy land. Whatever it is you're craving, whether it's gnocchi, lasagna, pizzas, spaghetti, soups, salads, caprese or a variety of fish options, this institution will have the correct palette to satisfy your cravings. (Another Italian place we love is a place called Ernesto 90, a family run Italian restaurant on Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv that serves mouth-watering good dishes that will keep you coming back for more). See Pronto's website here.

Manta Ray 

Manta Ray is a place where the food you're eating will be just as divine as the view you're taking in. A true beachfront restaurant, Manta Ray is located right on Tel Aviv's beautiful beach promenade just across from the renovated Old Train Station. Mainly known for their fresh fish and seafood, Manta Ray also offers a breakfast option for those who aren't fish lovers but who want to head over to the restaurant simply to enjoy the view. See more information on Manta Ray here.

Black Out

Though I can't comment on how the food tastes at Black Out, as I've never been there, I can assure you that your interest will be piqued after reading about it. Black Out is a restaurant where you will be dining entirely in the dark and where you will be served by a staff of blind waiters and waitresses. The concept is amazing and the restaurant has consistently received rave reviews over the years from both locals and visitors who report enjoying not only the ambiance and unique experience, but also the delicious assortment of foods served. For more information on Black Out, please follow this link here.



A friend of mine here in Israel swears by this restaurant, saying it has by far the most delicious steaks and meats of any restaurants in Israel. Now, I'm a meat girl myself and I've tried a lot of different steaks in different countries throughout the world. My favorite is still Ruth's Chris Filet Mignon - my mouth is watering just thinking about biting into this steak, especially with the blue cheese or pepper steak topping options. However, since I'm miles and miles away from my favorite piece of steak, this local steakhouse in Tel Aviv might just do the trick. With a charming ambiance and respectable French cuisine, L'Entrecote can be trusted for a a delicious meal in a beautiful setting. For more information on the menu and location of L'Entrecote, please click here.


Max Brenner

Now what would a food list be without a respectable dessert option? If you happen to live in New York, Philadelphia or Las Vegas, then chances are you've already heard of (or even tried) Max Brenner. But locals know that Max Brenner is an Israeli chain and that the original started right here in the holy land, in the heart of Tel Aviv. We prefer the location on Rothschild in the middle of Tel Aviv. Walking into the restaurant, you won't believe your eyes as you see tables full of people eating what can only be referred to as a chocolate lover's dream: chocolate fondue with fresh fruit; popsicle fondue with melted dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and special toppings; a variety of hot chocolate options; an original chocolate chai recipe that will tantalize your senses; chocolate sundaes; belgian waffles; and on and on. Just take a look at the pictures below. I think you'll be ready for a visit. For more information on Max Brenner, see their website here.


Of course, this list I've compiled is only the tip of the iceberg. You can also find a great variety of burger options at Moses on Rothschild; a stellar shakshuka (authentic Israeli dish) at Dr. Shakshuka in Jaffa; and an infinite number of restaurant choices along Dizengoff, along the boardwalk and at the Tel Aviv Port. Where have you been in Tel Aviv and loved? Surely there are dozens of places that I still have yet to sample out!

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