Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tel Aviv Street Party


Locals here in Israel were thrilled to receive a full weekend of unexpected sunshine over the past weekend, after what newscasters called the rainiest January in recent history. We had rainfall for 26 out of the 31 days in January. Hard to believe, but true. The unseasonable sunshine could not have come on a better weekend since locals celebrated the annual Tel Aviv Street Party just yesterday.


Right there in the middle of Tel Aviv's Rothschild Avenue, thousands of Israelis gathered for a good time. It's almost like a vision of the summer, right here in the middle of an Israeli winter. Much to my chagrin, we did not make it out to the fun; however, there certainly was not a lack of people for the event.



Sitting or standing, people flocked to the heart of Tel Aviv to partake in the annual event in order to mingle and have a good time.


With music booming for the crowds, it was a festive event with the best DJs in town. It's hard to believe the number of people in the pictures below, but this is ever so typical for a Tel Aviv event. Too bad we missed the boat on this one. There's always next year.


And as you might expect, what would a Tel Aviv Street Party be without a proper supply of alcohol for its guests? Food and drink were in no small shortage at this outdoor party.


Looks like it was a fun time had by all. To see more images from the Tel Aviv Street Party, please "like" the facebook page of Tel Aviv Global City, where there is an online album from which all of these event photos came.


There was even a hula hooping contest! Now that sounds like a fun time to me. Since it's too cold to play matkot on the beach, Israelis of course had to come up with a fun winter contest to be celebrated in the streets. And that they did.


Looks like a great time had by all. Though summertime is really the penultimate time of year for all the fun and crazy festivals and parties that characterize Tel Aviv, it looks like Israelis still know how to have fun in the winter. And this is just the start. Next month, we have Purim to look forward to again (has it already been a year?!) which really kick starts the "spring-break" type of events that are an understandably good time.


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