Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jerusalem Ice Festival

Spring my already have hit the holy land (well, let's be honest, the temperatures are still pretty cool, in the 50s by day and the 40s by night), but the winter fun has not stopped. For the first time, the International Ice Festival has arrived in Jerusalem which will be an ongoing event at the Old Train Station in Talpiyot between March 6 and April 30.

This is no ordinary event. The magnificent ice display, which will remain at a chilling - 10 C degrees, was built and pieced together by 35 sculptors, technicians, designers and artists from the city of Harbin, China. Together these artists created the ice sculpture replicas of historical local monuments, buildings, animals and inspirations from children's stories. It is a 1500 square meter winter wonderland with plenty to awe the senses and to keep all entertained including not only the impressive sculptures themselves, but also an ice rink, story telling, live events and an ice bar for adults. See some of the following images (replicated below) from the Only in Jerusalem website link, click here:






That looks pretty cool (no pun intended) if you ask me! Entrance fees will cost you 65 shekels per person, and with the entry fee you will receive a warm and toasty jacket to keep you warm for your visit through the ice paradise. The ice fair is really something to see and we're lucky to have it here in Jerusalem. The same sort of exhibit will be on display in the upcoming London Olympics, so save yourself a trip if you're here in town and see the magic for yourselves right here in Jerusalem:

Visitors will enter the exhibit through an ice replica of the Jaffa Gate, before being welcome into a stunning world of ice that will be sure to awe you. You've still got plenty of time to check it out, up until the end of April, but be sure to put this stop on your itinerary while it's in town.

Curious to see a quick depiction of how the ice festival was put into creation? Watch the You Tube video below for a rapid overview of the building process and some of the end results:

Enjoy this unique and special event in town for just a few more weeks. By the time the festival's over, May will be right around the corner and summer weather along with it so enjoy the icy event while it lasts!


  1. thank you for posting this! i googled the ice festival and saw your blog. we weren't sure about going because of the cost but seeing your pictures convinced us that it will be once-in-a-lifetime and worth it. thank you!


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