Friday, March 16, 2012

Jerusalem Marathon 2012

It's been a full year since the last Jerusalem marathon took place. And today, March 16, 2012, it's happening once again. The weather is pretty much exactly the same as last year's race: a gray, overcast day in the 50s with bits of sunshine peeking out here and there. Here's a look at the course map through the streets of Jerusalem:

A marathon here in Jerusalem might not be the easiest thing; after all, we are a half mile up in a mountainous area. People who have never been here don't really realize that fact. Although there is the hills and the altitude, what runners do have on their side is the crisp, cool mountainous air. Here are some images from last year's race at the starting line (via the marathon's website, click here for more images):

It was a big turnout and this year will likely prove to be just as big, if not bigger. Then, here is Mayor Nir Barkar shooting the starting gun, followed by the takeoff of the runners:



Those runners sure have a lot of stamina. I've always said I'd love to do a marathon, but I don't know that I really have it in me. Five miles and I'm usually done. Good for all these runners, a lot of training went into this race!


It's pretty exciting to be running on and around historical remnants during a marathon. You can sight see while you run, surely you won't be bored. These images look like there's a portion of the race that goes through the Old City of Jerusalem:

At some point in the day, the skies cleared and opened up to some blue skies and sunshine. Here are the runners, still going strong:


And finally, 42 kilometers later, the runners finally approached the finish line. Well done to all! I imagine it will be a little difficult to get around today because of the marathon, so keep that in mind if you're in town.

Next up is the Tel Aviv Marathon in just a few weeks, which will prove to be quite a different atmosphere than the Jerusalem Marathon. For more information on the March 30 race, click here to be directed to the marathon's website. 

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