Saturday, March 10, 2012

Purim Tel Aviv Style

Depending on where you were for the Purim holiday yesterday, the celebrations may have varied, from being inside a synagogue where you would witness the reading of the Megillah to being outside at one of the many, many carnivals and festivals taking place for the holiday. No matter where you were, one thing is for sure, each and every event was a wild celebration. Here's what was happening in Tel Aviv:

Well, it was one of the events going on in Tel Aviv, but as you can see, it was clearly the event of choice. Just outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, crowds gathered in costume and all sorts of get ups for the annual Purim celebration. It is commanded to drink, to celebrate and to have fun on Purim, and that they did.

Israelis see Purim as sort of the kick-off event to springtime after a long, cold winter. Thus, how fitting it was to have our first spectacularly sunny day in who knows how long. It was a gorgeous 75 degrees!! What a change from SNOW just one week ago. Maybe that bad storm was literally our last one before the pleasant weather arrives. I sure hope so because the world's just a more beautiful place when the sun is out and shining.


Can you believe the size of these crowds? It's impossible to move. I will always pair the city of Tel Aviv with these enormous types of celebrations where the city seems to congregate for any and every holiday and event.

Between this year and last year, I've had the chance of seeing so many great Purim events in typical Israeli style: the chaos of drunken Orthodox men in the streets of Mea Shearim, street fairs and carnivals throughout Jerusalem, young Americans dancing the hora in costume and celebration (anywhere and everywhere throughout Israel) and these massive types of parties like the one you see above. 

For more images such as the ones seen in this post, visit this album (click here) and "like" Tel Aviv Global City's facebook page, which always keeps us up to date on the latest and greatest in one of the world's most happening cites. Hope everyone had a great Purim!

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