Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Preview

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, little dresses are coming out from our closets and iced drinks are finally be ordered once again from the coffee shops. It must mean one thing: spring has arrived! And with the first few days of spring comes the Time Out: Spring Preview edition, showcasing the latest and greatest of what's to come in the holy land over the next few weeks (and months):


As usual you can find the monthly calendar inside the e-magazine, detailing the events and festivities taking place this month.

There's always some interesting tidbits and reads throughout the magazine, such as this highlighted photo-op of a civil marriage taking place in Tel Aviv. It isn't so easy to get married in Israel without the assistance of the Rabbinate, so the notion of civil marriages - which we take for granted in the United States - is a novel and new idea here in Israel. I, in fact, didn't even know it was done at all until I saw this picture:

In the Spring Preview edition, you can check out all sorts of events that will be coming our way to Israel, including music and dance performances, festivals and art exhibitions and of course major concerts, such as Madonna. Take a look through to ensure you won't miss what's coming our way.


One of my favorite parts of springtime is to see the bursting flowers open up all over the country, and yes you can see it here in Israel too, a desert nation. Not too far from Jerusalem, I've heard (and seen photographic proof) that you can go see the cherry blossoms. Up in the north of Israel you can count on endless fields of colorful flowers as a long winter gives way to warmer temperatures. For specific other sites, read on:


This month's issue also has a section about Tel Aviv's A-List. You can never go wrong with recommendations to the "best in town", so if you'll be in town, it's worth a read:


Then there's the spring fashion trends that are heading our way. It's fun just to gander at the light dresses and skirts that will begin to dot our wardrobe. How exciting to know that soon we'll be able to put away our tights and winter coats.

This section recommends specialty craft fairs and markets, as well as places that every tourist must visit during their trip to Israel.

And then there's the usual additional sections such as nightlife, eateries, gay and lesbian scene and the like. So, whatever suits your fancy, take a look. I can see in the page below that it looks like St. Paddy's Day will be celebrated here in Israel. For information on where to head on this beloved holiday, check out the page below:

To read Time Out's Spring Preview Edition in full, follow this link here. It makes for a nice, quick read and there's sure to be something for everyone's palette. Enjoy this sudden sweep of sunshine that's come our way. Here's to hoping it lasts!


  1. Unfortunately there are no LEGAL civil ceremonies in Israel - the only legal marriages in this country must be religious ones, between people of the same religion. This is one of the reason over 5000 couples go to Cyprus or overseas each year to get married.

    The photo in Time Out though is a great story - on Valentines Day this year the Tel Aviv Mayor held non-legal ceremony where couples declared their love in front of Tel Aviv's mayor and a crowd at the old city hall. It was so popular it is now held every Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for clearing that up Jo. I wondered as I looked at that Valentine's Day picture. Even though it's not legal, I love the concept that people can take part in a meaningful ceremony here!

  3. There is Tu B'Av on Av 15 in the summer. Its the Jewish Valentine's Day and is purposefully intended as the joyous culmination to the Three Weeks Of Mourning over Jerusalem.


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