Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome Spring

There is something so exciting about the beginnings of spring appearing after a long, cold winter. We had rain, we had snow and we had wind. And lots of it. And now, all of a sudden, out of nowhere we have the sun shining again. It's hit or miss as the weather here keeps trying to decide what season it is. But it's warm enough most days that you can survive without your winter coat and you don't need your mittens anymore nor your tights. In honor of spring's arrival (and because there is nothing I love more than beautiful gardens, parks and arboretums) I will leave you with a little taste of spring blossoms around the world.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam in the spring to see the tulips in bloom? I've never managed to line up my visits to this city with the spring season and I really ought to. It's been a long standing dream of mine:

Or what about the beautiful, bright and vibrant cherry blossoms that decorate Japan and DC this time of year, coloring the cities in a goregous light pink hue against a blue spring sky?

And here in Israel, we too get some spring blooms with the annual burst of almond blossom trees which you will find in various communities between mid-March and mid-April:


Wherever in the world you may be, I hope you are enjoying the spring awakening and the blooming of flowers all around you!


  1. Hi! I am from Colombia. I am really excited to know, touch and smell cherry blossoms trees.....You have a gorgeous photos!....


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